Permanent makeup - training


Our method of implementation of permanent makeup eyebrow and strokes by Taffy and permanent makeup lips, strokes and eyebrows by Oded require training under the supervision of specialists. Training time is 2 days for each method or 3 days for training in both methods simultaneously. During the training, we pass on knowledge and practical skills proper performance of permanent make-up. Science is so intense that our adept, right after training, will and pleasure doing permanent make-up in their offices. They provide small group training, competence training and very good conditions in our living room training. At the training we invite you to our showroom training in Prudnik, within the framework of the training we provide room and board.
Completion of training documented by a certificate SZWEDO GROUP.
We are accredited by the Ministry of Education granted by the Board of Education.
No. of accreditation: WRE.546.10.2014

:Certyfikaty szkolenia makijażu permanentnego



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